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Partnering with TMG for learning management ensures your online system is properly branded and set
up for your employees (or other stakeholders).  Whether using it to deploy blended learning programs,
track learning outcomes, or manage the entire learning process for employees at all levels, TMG is there
to ensure the program’s success.  Here are a few of the most common questions regarding using a LMS
to administer a learning program:  

What is a learning plan?

Every employee must have certain types of knowledge in order to perform properly.  There are usually
learning plans established for a) the general population, b) specific departments, c) job classes and so
forth.  Here is an example of a learning plan required of all employees in an organization.  The blue
courses are online courses and the black ones are traditional instructor led courses.

What is a knowledge repository?

The TMG LMS has an online knowledge “library” that can house information for employees or other
stakeholders in the organization.  Typically, this will include up-to-date procedures, equipment manuals
and other materials that are essential for proper training and ongoing operations.  

How is information secured in the system?

The online system is password protected just like any other secured network (online banking, for
instance).  Rights can be granted or revoked at any time.  Each employee, member, customer, or
partner can have specific access rights to courses, learning plans and the knowledge library.  Discussion
boards are typically monitored by a staff member.  Reports can be run at any time that shows who has
accessed which parts of the system for how long and what they accomplished while logged on.  TMG
typically performs administrative tasks according to policy determined in advance, but an administrator
can also be trained from the client organization.

What types of reports are available?

The system is rich in statistics that can provide very specific details concerning what learning has
occurred.  Individual tests can be used to capture details by person, or reports can be run on an entire
organization for compliance purposes.  The TMG LMS has virtually unlimited reporting capability.

What online courses are available?

TMG’s LMS comes with over 300 online courses in a variety of subjects.  Our clients can provide their
employees full access to the system for one low cost per month.  Alternately, courses can be added into
a specific curriculum, like a leadership program for instance, and outcomes can be tracked online.  Online
courses will never fully take the place of traditional training and development, but tracking learning
outcomes online is much more efficient than simply recording who showed up for a program.  

  • Courses are available in the following areas:
  • Compliance
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Business Law
  • Office Skills
  • Ethics
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Informational Technology
  • Personal Development

Online courses can be required within a learning plan, or taken by employees as enrichment time
permits.  Since the LMS is available online from anywhere, employees have a significant benefit in
unlimited online learning.  This is an example of online courses that are included in an individual learning
plan of a supervisory-level employee.

Can we track our current instructor-led programs using the LMS?

Absolutely!  In fact, the LMS is not a substitute for a proper training program.  Without your training
content, the LMS is just an empty piece of software - so managing the current program in the LMS is a
great way to start.  Instructor led courses can be added to the LMS quickly and easily.  Employees can
register online.  Course materials for instructor led courses can be loaded into the LMS for easy access
by learners.  In tracking learning outcomes, employees can be required to take a survey or a test at the
conclusion of the session.   Alternately, a supervisor or trainer can certify the learning outcome.  When it
is time to transfer instructor-led curriculum to an online or blended format, TMG can help.

In managing instructor-led courses, the LMS can track all types of resources such as instructors,
classrooms, equipment and training materials.  The LMS has a calendar available that will track all
course offerings.  If a conflict should arise in booking any resource, the LMS will automatically alert the
administrator and alternate arrangements can be made.

Can we build our own online courses – specifically for our business

TMG will help you build online courses – or we can produce them in their entirety.  TMG has software
that will use your PowerPoint as a basis for online courseware.  TMG can supervise or produce voice-
overs, create online surveys or tests, and add interactive content like flash animation and streaming
video.  You can participate as much or as little in the process as time and budget permits.

How can we manage our talent using the system?

The LMS is a powerful tool that will help build your workforce.  Each individual employee has a transcript
that will show all learning accomplishments.  Using learning transcripts – it is easy to see which
employees are motivated and actively engaged in required AND optional learning.  

What if some of my employees are not computer literate or do not have
access to a computer?

There are several methods organizations use to overcome literacy obstacles.  On the subject of
computer access, it is usually a good idea to have a computer station set up in a quiet location for
required online training.  Just as for traditional training, the employee will be scheduled off and his or
her position will be backfilled while training occurs.  If a person is not literate in the use of a computer,
or if they have trouble reading or writing English, it might be necessary to have a mentor help with the
basics of online training.  Alternately, a supervisor can be given administrative rights to record learning
outcomes for the entire team.  
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