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The Millennium Group International, LLC
46169 Westlake Drive
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ph: 703-260-6716
Participants learn to:

  • Assess your own work style and habits.
  • Assess others’ work styles and habits.
  • Choose and implement the most effective managing up practices
    and tools for their situations.
  • Overcome the obstacles that get in the way of good managing
  • Develop a plan for practicing the skills learned in the session.

Managing up is really the art of relationship management, but you don’
t have to be an artist to master it.  
Managing up is comprised of a bit of
all of the following things:  observing, listening, asking questions,
challenging your assumptions, trusting your intuition, accepting
yourself and others as they are, and good old trial and error.

How do you take care of your leadership and other job duties for
which you are responsible AND stay visible to the senior executives
above you?  You learn to
manage up.

  • How do I know I have the boss’ ear?     
  • How do I figure out my boss’ preferred communication style?     
  • How do I know if my boss is a mentor or a challenger?

Participants will participate in an interactive session to:

  • Build confidence in approaching your manager
  • Know when and how to adapt your style to the work at hand
  • Take a central role as both team member and leader

We all have ideas that could make our jobs more efficient and our
efforts more productive.  But often, we just can’t get our boss to hear
us out or give our ideas a chance.  How can we feel less frustrated
and get more involved, contribute positive ideas and change, and be
recognized as a “leader-in-the-making”?

Managing up is not about telling our superiors what to do.  Rather, it's
about learning about our style in relating to our managers.  It's also
about learning when our styles are not effective and how to change
them to suit the situation.

Key Agenda Topics

  • Identifying key moments and opportunities in your relationship
    with your manager
  • Identify your style
  • Clarify when and how your style works well
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to working together
  • Communication techniques that get the message through
  • Respond to requests with clarity
  • Action plans to change “the way we do things”

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September 29, 2009

Tysons Corner, VA
The Tower Club
8000 Towers Crescent Dr,
Vienna, VA, 17th Floor

Program Hours:
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Registration begins at 8:30 AM


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Professional Development Skills

Learning how to manage your manager can improve your work environment, give you
greater job satisfaction and sharpen your personal effectiveness.
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Since 1998, The Millennium Group International, LLC (TMG) has partnered with clients to build
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