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A man named Joshua Chamberlain, a college professor just ten months earlier, was asked to lead
a team during a critical emergency.  He had little experience and training for the role, but was
ultimately a heroic success.  How was this future leader selected and what critical leadership traits
led to his achievements?  Take as fascinating journey with TMG to experience real world lessons in
leadership like this one from the Civil War.  

This problem is not new.  In fact, the above problem was faced 150 years ago by a senior leader of
the Northern Army at the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg.  Joshua Chamberlain, the heroic college
professor with little experience, was appointed to lead a unit that contained a hundred former
mutineers.  Chamberlain and his men fought heroically and helped win a battle that turned the tide
of the Civil War.  These are real stories with enduring leadership lessons that apply in todays
business world.

Lessons of Leadership Program

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Real World, Real Choices

Leaders face real world dilemmas everyday, which are
not covered by neat leadership theories.  You may
not have the luxury of time to fully examine all
available options. You may have a shortage of
experienced, trained people.  You may have to take a
chance when you select a leader.  How do you make
a good decision?  What traits do you look for in a
potential leader?
The Millennium Group
International helps put
leadership theory into
practice, with an interactive
out-of-the-office learning
Lessons of Leadership

Our program, Lessons of Leadership, draws upon two decisive moments American history, the Civil
War Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam.  The armies that fought each other had many leaders who
were poorly trained and inexperienced -- leaders who had to make life or death decisions.  We will
learn much from their successes and failures.

Lessons of Leadership uses the dramatic stories of past leaders to help you to identify the
leadership qualities you will need tomorrow and improve upon those qualities you rely on today.  
Many of our programs involve an inspiring visit to the battlefield, where participants stand upon the
very ground where history was made.  See the battlefield through the eyes of those leaders and
learn the dramatic outcomes of the decisions they made.
Mr. Baniszewski began these programs in 2001.  Since then, he has led over three thousand
managers from thirty different government and private organizations through these programs.  Mr.
Baniszewski is a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg, and has been tested and certified by the
National Park Service as an expert on the Civil War.  Mr. Baniszewski also draws upon his
thirty-three years of management experience with the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA), where he worked on numerous satellite projects like the Hubble Space

Lessons of Leadership programs are available in several formats, to fit your budget and schedule.  
They range from a 60-90 minute interactive “lunch and learn” session at your facility, to a two-
session program conducted at your facility, followed by a trip to the battlefield.  Current programs

  • Gettysburg – Lessons of Leadership.  This program examines a dozen of the leaders at
    Gettysburg, focuses on why they succeeded or failed, and the traits that made them effective
    or ineffective.
  • Gettysburg – Lessons of Teamwork.  This program looks at teamwork at all levels of the
    armies, focusing on how the quality of that teamwork determined the outcome of the battle.
  • Gettysburg – Lessons of Project Management. This program illustrates how the skills of
    project management are applicable to any situation, and how they were used in the battle.
  • Antietam – Lessons in Leadership Growth.  This program compares Abraham Lincoln
    and one of his top generals, George McClellan.  It examines how and why one of them grew
    to become the greatest leader in American history, and why the other faded to obscurity.
America has a rich history.  The lessons learned by
our ancestors can help us solve the problems of
today.  The Millennium Group International (TMG),
under the guidance of TMG Senior Consultant.
John Baniszewski, offers fascinating leadership
training programs that use the lessons of history to
educate and inspire today’s leaders.
About TMG
Since 1998, The Millennium Group International, LLC (TMG) has partnered with clients to build
organizational capacity through a balance of quality services at competitive rates.  TMG provides clients
Professional Training Development solutions to build leadership skills in order to achieve
organizational goals.  TMG delivers a variety of training programs from half-day workshops to blended
learning experiences utilizing top subject matter experts.  All programs can be customized to reflect the
client‘s unique work culture and business.  For instance, we can include specific industry case studies
or add client organization‘s specific forms and processes into the training. Our objective for every
engagement is to maximize the application of learning to the job, which leads to increased productivity
and performance effectiveness.
One program attendee stated “Mr. Baniszewski’s's work was exceptional--in its impact, in his
insights, and in the leadership learning.  He understands so well how to translate the metaphor of
this crucial moment in our times to lessons for leaders today”.

To learn more about this unique training program, contact
Jeff Rocha.
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