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The Millennium Group International, LLC
46169 Westlake Drive
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ph: 703-260-6716

As we experience intense pressures for increased organizational performance we are
confronted with the challenge to maximize human engagement within our organizations, that
is, to optimize the potential for innovation, creativity, and commitment of the people in them.

Fundamental to this challenge are the interactive processes between people from diverse
backgrounds and the organizational capacity to value and leverage this diversity as a
performance asset.  As its name implies, micro-inequities can surreptitiously undercut the
human performance edge of the organization seeking to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive

The goal of this workshop is not to change hearts and minds, judge people’s thoughts and
ideas, or promote political correctness.  The goal is to raise awareness and introduce practical
techniques for increasing workplace productivity and performance.  

Facilitation methods include lecture, individual/team exercises, role play, video analysis, and
group discussion.

Workshop Structure

  • History and Conditioning
  • Participant exercises and facilitated discussion demonstrating how our
    conception of “difference” tends to be negative.
  • There is a natural tension between our “conditioning” about difference and our
    desire to embrace diversity.
  • Micro-Messages
  • Micro-Messages Defined
  • Role Play Illustration
  • Video Vignettes
  • Facilitated discussion identifying/analyzing observed micro-messages
  • What are the micro-messages? (positive & negative)
  • What could the “sender” have done differently?
  • What could the “receiver” have done differently?
  • If you were the observer, what could you have done?
  • Micro-Inequities
  • Micro-Inequities Defined
  • Video Vignettes
  • Facilitated discussion identifying/analyzing observed micro-inequities
  • What are the micro-inequities?
  • What could the “sender” have done differently?
  • What could the “receiver” have done differently?
  • If you were the observer, what could you have done?
  • Micro-Triggers
  • Micro-Triggers Defined
  • Facilitated discussion identifying/analyzing micro-triggers
  • Why should your organization be concerned about the impact of micro-inequities?
  • Decreased employee productivity and morale
  • People withholding important information
  • Employee turnover
  • Damaging long-term customer/client relations
  • Learning Recap
  • Examine daily interactions with co-workers and clients
  • Understand INTENT vs. IMPACT
  • Be able to have the tough conversations

Audience: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, Staff
Length:   3-4 hour workshop of 20-25 participants  

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Micro-Inequities in the Workplace

















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